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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Britain: U.S. Must Help Avert Climate Catastrophe

From Yahoo News What a bunch of BS. No one knows waht the climate will be like in 10, let alone what it will be like in 2 years. If you believe in the environmentalists hype, I suggest reading Michael Chritons new book State of Fear. I am getting tired of everone saying the world is coming to an ewnd because of humans. The world is 5 billion years ols and we have only be here for a miniscule amount of time. You have to be totally arrogant to believe we can change the world climate. It is utter Junk Science. There is no credible evidence that humans have any impact on the climate. I agree we can impact the envirionment locally, but globally is another story. Go to Junk Science to read more about the idiocy of the environmental wackos.
EXETER, England (Reuters) - Britain, arguing that climate change is now unstoppable, urged the United States on Tuesday to sign up to life-saving cuts in greenhouse gas emissions as environmentalists warned of approaching Armageddon.

Opening a three-day scientific meeting to assess the threat of global warming, environment minister Margaret Beckett said it was vital Washington become more involved.

"A significant impact is already inevitable -- we need to act now to limit the scale of warming in the future and avoid even worse effects," she said. "We would like America to engage more fully with these discussions about where we might go."

Read the rest of this BS here.

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