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Thursday, February 03, 2005

From Drink This....

This is for the Bush haters, anti-warmongers and dhimmicrats and Jacques Chirac. You may now piss off come to grips. There will be no more questioning the desire for freedom in this... I don't really give a crap if business is a little slower and you haven't earned as much revenue in the past two years as you'd previously become accustomed. Or if you lost your job or your business went bust and you had to get a lower paying job or one in a different field. And I really don't give a shit about those of you out there who refuse to get a job because you've convinced yourself the only one available is beneath you. You should be happy to have the opportunity to pursue occupation consistent with your abilities and interests. I don't care if you had to send your kid to public university rather than Ivy league, or community college instead of 4-year, or if your kid has to supplement his existence with a part time job, or even if school has to be postponed because no one can currently foot the bill for this... You should be thankful to have schools to choose from. I care even less that you haven't come to terms with the fact that Saddam Hussein was a weapon of mass destruction. Reality check: we found and defused this... I'm so over your contradictory viewpoint of George W. Bush being the stupidest man alive and being smart enough to secretly and deceptively manipulate positively everything that goes on in the world. So what if you're still sore about losing an two presidential elections to another candidate. In a democracy you steal win some, you lose some. Grow up and get over this... Would you be any less forgiving if you lost by coin toss? It all adds up to about the same doesn't? Yeah........ maybe not. Maybe the odds were close to 50/50 but doesn't it make a difference that we as individuals had influence over the the outcome of this...? Win or lose, one should never lose appreciation for the right to have a voice. Heh. At least our chances would be 50/50 in a coin toss. Imagine the coin was identical on both sides. That's how the Iraqis used to vote. President Bush has led the way to giving a voice to 25 million individuals, a voice which an estimated 60% felt confident using upon being given a chance. Which is already as high as US voter turnout. Not bad for first-time outing. So go ahead, be sore losers. The Sunnis will be too. Your losses are another's gain. Millions of people now share a freedom that once they may not have even been able to comprehend. Thank you President Bush, Congress, Prime Minister Tony Blair for lighting the path to freedom. Special thanks to the members of the U.S. Armed Forces, coalition troops, humanitarian aid workers, contractors, ministers and and journalists who have made sacrifices to hand deliver the true spirit of America to the Iraqi people. I appreciate your commitment to the freedom of all people in all the world. Acknowledgements to all others who have made sacrifices, lost loved ones and suffered hardships as a direct result of the liberation of Iraq. Your sacrifice has contributed to immeasurably to the freedom of all.
I don't think I could have put it any better. Thank you!!!!!!!

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