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Friday, February 04, 2005

Hamas leader willing to start dialogue

From Washington Times. This is a great step in peace for the whole Middle East and the whole Muslim World. IF Israel and Palestine can find a way to stop the bloodshed and respect each other, it will have a big influence on the rest of the Mdlle East. The rest of the Middle East can not use the plight of the Palestinians for their benifit and will have to realize hat Israel is there to stay. It will be a tough road, just like the democratization of Iraq. But I think it can be accomplished. And George W. is at the heart of it all. With his Innagural Address and the State of the Union Address speaking of freedom around the world. I think that Syria nad Iran should pay close attention and not interfere wiht the peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

Hamas leader willing to start dialogue


RAMALLAH, West Bank — The top Hamas leader for the West Bank said the Islamic militant group wants to open a dialogue with Israel and is seeking formal recognition by the Jewish state as part of a truce in the 41/2-year-old Palestinian uprising. The offer from the group, whose suicide bomb attacks have wrecked multiple efforts to end the fighting and restart peace talks, comes the week before Israeli and Palestinian leaders are scheduled to meet at a Sinai resort in Egypt.

Read the rest here.

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