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Friday, February 04, 2005

Not much Jesus, but a lot of green

From Pruden on Politics at Washington Times. This is just too funny. Me and my mom have always talked about how the environmetalist cause is turning into a religion. This is a little bit opposite of that, but the same concept. There is no Jesus any more. so the new God is Mother Earth. I am no Holy Roller or anything, I haven' t been to church in year. Yes I am a typical Catholic. But taking God out of peoples lives, they find some other avenue to get their spirituality from some where. And many people are turning to the religion of Mother Earth. That is why we have all these outrageous environmental wackos spouting out BS that has no real scientific proof. Human beings have little or no affect on the climate of the Earth. Well on with Pruden's article.

Not much Jesus, but a lot of greenBy Wesley PrudenTHE WASHINGTON TIMES

The preachers in England have fallen on hard times since they pretty much turned Jesus out of the church, but the archbishop of Canterbury has come up with a novel idea to make himself relevant: If you can't get 'em to church, get 'em to the greenhouse.

The churches of England — the churches of the Church of England — are going eco-friendly.

Dr. Rowan Williams wants his vicars to serve only organic bread and wine for holy communion, to urge parishioners to ride to service in car pools, recycle "waste products," and to sell only "fair trade products" at church fairs and Bingo suppers. Anglicans should consider the ethics of the High Streets and shopping malls.

Read the rest of his article here.

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