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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The State of the Union

Hattip to Instapundit You can find the text here. I thought that the State of the Union speech was very good. He put forth a very aggresssive agenda . First, I hope to God that he gets the Social Security reform passed through the congres. Without this reform, people in my generation will never see any Social Security benifits. It will go brokle before I could even get a chance to recieve any money. And what he proposed will let people get more money and they will own the money. the government will not be acle to confiscate the money and we will be able to give it to our children . This will be a great thing for moany of the poor, because of the money that people will accumulate will be theirs and their children will be able to inherit the money. And secondly on the foriegn policy side, he gave a warining to the terrorist loving countries in the Middle East to shape up. It was a great continuation of the Innagural Address. All in all, I thought it was one of his best speeches he has ever given. It was very inspring and put forth a great agenda for the next four years and hopefully it will continue in 2008.

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