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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ward Churchill Is A FRAUD!!!!

From the Barking Moonbat Early Warining System This guy is a total barking moonbat and should never be able to teacjh students.

The stupid, leftist America-hater, Ward Churchill (may his soul burn in hell when he dies) is a fraud!

Thanks to a tip from LC Gene, AIM is repudiating any association with this pus-bag.

Read the repudiation here.

You may read in the media that he got kicked out but that is false reporting. Hey, what do you expect from the media nowadays, anyway. They will bend over backwards to make this asswad a “victim” when what they should be doing is reinforcing the notion that everything we do has consequences associated with it.

What is happening to him now is a direct result of his OWN PERSONAL ACTIONS!

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