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Monday, February 06, 2006

What ‘we’ means

A good letter to the editor of Star & Stripes. H/T to Blonde Sagacity What ‘we’ means From time to time people do become delusional. It is all right, though. The writer of “ ‘We’ are promoting freedom?” (letter, Jan. 31) did say something that was right: “I know that everyone is ‘doing their part’ in … this war.” What he fails to realize, especially being a noncommissioned officer, is that it doesn’t matter where you are supporting the war on terrorism, you’re still supporting the effort. Yes, those who have died serving their country have paid the ultimate price that any one of us would have paid. The moment you forsake those who have not had the opportunity to give the ultimate price is the day you disgrace those who have fallen. We stands as “we,” we pledge allegiance to the flag. The moment you decide that “we” no longer means “we,” as it is intended to mean, is the day you forget what “we” all have sacrificed, that “we” have all lost, and what “we” have all gained. We are the armed forces; we are the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of America. We have taken the ultimate pledge for our country. No one has that right to take it away from us, not if you’re in Bagram, Afghanistan, or Beale Air Force Base, Calif. Be proud of those who have had to sacrifice what is most dear to them; try to pass along that pride to those near and far. Remember, “we” will always be there. Tech. Sgt. Michael GarciaRamstein Air Base, Germany