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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Carville: GOP Probably Drugged Zell Miller

Where is the medias outrage at this statement by Carville.. This is just an outrageous lie. It si funny how they have a double standard when it come sto Republicans and Democrats. I don;t really think that Carville menas what he says. He is being absurd for absurdities sake. But thins is just like what Rush, Anne Coulter and many other right wing pundits say, but the media thinks that they mena it. Amazing isn't it??? NO Media Bias Here. Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2004 2:23 p.m. EDT

Carville: GOP Probably Drugged Zell Miller

Frothing-at-the-mouth Democrat attack dog James Carville is accusing Republican Party officials of drugging Sen. Zell Miller for media appearances after his speech to the GOP convention last week. "They probably shot him up with something," the wild-eyed Ragin' Cajun insisted Wednesday during an interview with radio host Don Imus.

Carville leveled the bizarre charge after claiming that Republicans had written Miller's speech, even though it contained lines Miller had used before and echoed much of the criticism of Democrats outlined in Miller's recent book, "A National Party No More."

But Carville insisted the renegade Democrat's speech was strictly a put-up job.

"They got that poor man in the twilight of his career and just used him," the former Clinton adviser insisted. "They said, 'Look, go up there and say this,' and they handed him a bunch of documents."

Carville claimed Miller didn't know "what he was talking about" in post-speech interviews, saying that's why he grew angry when challenged by MSNBC host Chris Matthews.

When Imus noted that the Georgia Democrat sounded "fine" when he interviewed him the next morning," Carville shot back: "They probably shot him up with something, you know. He just likes screaming at people."